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Top tips for a happier workplace

Here at The Taxback Group, we are proud of the fact that we devote ourselves to doing things better for our customers and clients. Parent to a family of brands who provide a range of finance, tax and global payment services, The Taxback Group drives itself in becoming the market leader across a wide range of industries. Growing from small beginnings, our global footprint now encompasses 30 offices worldwide and we do business across 100 countries on a daily basis.

Behind these great successes though, are the people of The Taxback Group. As the Group devotes itself to doing things better for our customers and clients, it is quite apparent from our internal culture that we apply these values to our staff too.

Since being officially announced as a Great Place to Work, The Taxback Group have learned a lot about how to develop a positive workplace. So let’s share some tips about how you can achieve this in your workplace too, from the people who know!

Employee recognition

There’s no greater feeling in the workplace than hearing the words “Well done.” The Taxback Group have numerous ways of making sure employee achievements are recognised, no matter the size or value.

Thank you letters, cakes, bonuses and benefits to name but a few; The Taxback Group always recognise the achievements of our greatest assets, our employees. Our tip? Service milestones to simple tasks, from hitting targets to hitting birthdays, celebrate what really matters.


There is no denying that fully-informed staff are motivated staff. Transparency, inclusion and determination help The Taxback Group encourage this through a range of initiatives, both new and old.

In The Taxback Group, a simple company newsletter, published to staff quarterly, informs, empowers and entertains staff by giving them global business updates, and good news stories from across the group.

Coupled with a coordinated internal communications system, staff always have an engaging source of business news and designated port of call for any queries they may have. Our tip? Start with a newsletter and an open-door policy, and build your culture from there.


They say the greatest motivation comes from those around you. With The Taxback Group’s dynamic teams, enthusiastic atmosphere, and award-winning leaders, it’s easy to see how we’ve become the company we are today. Staff within the Group work directly with the best in the business.

Our CEO and Founder, Terry Clune is one of Ireland’s most respected businessmen, and a former winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year. Our Group CFO, Sinead Fitzmaurice, has been named as one Ireland’s Business & Finance Top 100 CFOs. And the list goes on!

Working directly with professionals of this calibre, surrounded by colleagues who share this dedication and drive, ensures that motivation is something which truly permeates the entire Taxback Group. Our tip? Inspire, encourage and collaborate.

Giving something back

Over 300 charity events coordinated since the inception of The Taxback Group’s CSR programme in 2007 is a huge indicator of how committed the business and staff are to the communities in which we work.

From partnerships with Jack and Jill Children’s foundation and Temple Street Children’s Hospital, to our support of Youth Projects, orphanages and sports clubs in our local communities, the sense of pride in the workplace is wholly apparent. Our tip? Elect some CSR champions to generate ideas, organise initiatives and promote your efforts.

And finally, the fun stuff!

Aside from the benefits, practices and initiatives to make staff happy and active, The Taxback Group also give a little something extra every now and again. From free lunches on the last Tuesday of the month and free ice cream on hot days, to innovation days and employee focus groups, we realise that it’s the small things too, that really makes a company’s atmosphere reach the next level.

From the Board of Directors to the social and CSR committees and a dedicated Great Place To Work team, we’re all involved in creating something which benefits each and every one of us. After all, happiness ignites motivation, and motivation drives results.



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