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Meet the team: Daniela Tsoneva


Daniela Tsoneva has been part of the TransferMate Global Payments Compliance Team for four years. Recently stepping into a new role, Daniela has dived into a brand new professional field, which has not only captured her interest but has also totally changed her perception of the finance world. Today Daniela relishes the added responsibilities of her new role and is highly motivated by the potential for further career growth and the chance to make meaningful contributions to people’s lives.

Shortly after starting in the company, Daniela was promoted to Senior Anti Money-Laundering Analyst. Dani and her colleagues review new client accounts requests, evaluate high-risk profiles and analyze all new clients’ policies and procedures. She is actively involved in the processes put in place to stop money laundering and financial fraud.

“I sincerely hope that we are able to stop the financial crimes of some companies and to prevent the financial and moral damages that they can cause to innocent people.”

There are three qualities that Daniela considers to be important in her job: the ability to work in a team, her analytic skills, and last but not least – her attention to detail since most of her job consists of comparing similar texts and details and locating any mistakes.


What does Danielа`s typical workday look like?

“While the working process is clear, each of our team members knows what is expected from them and our daily activities are quite predictable, things can look a bit different on the personal front. Еver since we’ve been working from home I would by no means call my day “ordinary”. We can all agree that the situation that we’re in has brought so many colors to our day-to-day life. For me, the little things that never change are my morning coffee and my daily Bible readings. I’m also trying to do some exercise at home.”


My best memory in the company so far.

I have many great memories in the company. There are many factors too that have contributed to these memories.  Firstly, there is the team that I am working with. I’m confident that I can call my colleagues my friends too. I must also recognise the continuous effort of the HR team and my line manager, who are trying to make our work from home more pleasant. Last but not least, it’s the opportunity to be part of various volunteering events. Throughout the last year I have been part of a program that helps young people from vulnerable groups to learn more about their rights so that they don’t fall victim of disrespect and discrimination. Being part of this project not only helped me to learn a lot about the civil and human rights, but it helped me to get a completely new perspective of the world.

Another unforgettable moment is my visit to our headquarters in Kilkenny, Ireland. There I had the chance to meet a big part of the colleagues I am working with, and whom I previously only knew via emails. I really liked the city – a very pleasant and calm place, and luckily, it didn’t rain while we were there. Kilkenny is a city full of nice places to visit with your friends for fun.



What’s the most important thing Daniela has learned since joining Taxback Group?

For me it is important to learn and to apply in my life all the knowledge and the lessons that I gain – not only from my work, but also from the people I’m working with.

TransferMate developed quickly, literally in front of my eyes. Observing and being part of that process myself helped me to learn a lot about the growth of a business. I gained knowledge about how foreign countries operate, about all the risks and the frauds that happen in the business worldwide, and of course about all the ways to prevent them.

I learned what is it to work in a particular shift, to have a list of your rights and duties, and to accept my colleagues the way they are.


If you could give someone who was starting out in their career one piece of advice, what would it be?

 Taxback Group, and particularly TransferMate provide great opportunities for your growth – not only professionally, but also personally. The company has created a great system of perks: working shifts that help you maintain a great work-life balance, bonuses and rewards, certification courses, and much more, that can allow each one of us who has the potential and the willingness to achieve excellent career growth.

 Every effort counts. The great results that you show on a daily basis are considered by the management and contribute to your career progress and your remuneration.


 transfermate careersWhere do you see yourself in 5 years?

So all these years after graduating from university the learning has never really stopped for me. There is always something new that I want to learn and there is always a chance to add another certification to my list of diplomas. I want to continue improving my knowledge in the professional area in which I’m currently working. I guess that in five years I would like to have added another certification – perhaps something related to clients operating in risky countries or businesses.

Other than that, I feel great with my team, and I imagine being surrounded by exactly those people in the future too.



What does being part of #OneTeam mean to you?

For me #OneTeam means that everyone in the team contributes to the overall success, that we work perfectly as a team, that we can grow, have fun, do sports, share experiences together!


We often get asked about the career opportunities that are available within Taxback Group. The truth is… the opportunities are endless!

While a job title may come across as intimidating, the majority of our entry-level roles involve nothing that any driven and motivated person can’t learn.

In our #MeetTheTeam series of posts, we chat to colleagues from various teams and departments and explore the many career paths available at Taxback Group. We’ll be hearing about everything from their role in the company to what being part of #OneTeam means to them.


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