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20 years of Clune Group in Bulgaria

“Way back in 2000 around Christmas my mom had got me a book – the CIA World Atlas. At around that time, our business was quite small – around 15-20 people working in Dublin in Taxback and we were looking to set up a second operation.

Over Christmas, I was reading my CIA Atlas, with a big glass of wine and my brother slipped by and banged off the book. The wine went everywhere; the book went everywhere and was destroyed. I was busy mopping up the mess and the most damaged page was the page on Bulgaria so I was busy reading too …… to see what info was there. I got to read a lot about Bulgaria and the spilled wine on that occasion was a very positive experience because I learned a lot about the country – the beliefs of the people, the variety of languages people can speak, the strength of universities that are there, also the fact that Varna is beside the black sea and it looked like a beautiful, fabulous place. So I took the initiative to move over to Varna and we haven’t looked back since then”


Our story so far

Terry Clune, our CEO and Founder, may have discovered Bulgaria accidentally, but the last 20 years have been by no means a coincidence. On 26th April 2001 Clune Group set up its first international office in the beautiful Bulgaria starting with just 15 people. Twenty years later, Clune Group employs nearly 1000 employees across Bulgaria’s major cities such as Varna, Veliko Tarnovo and Shumen who are boasting a wide range of skills from engineering to customer care and languages and we are proud to be ranked among the 50 best employers in the country for 2020.


The success of the company is built upon a loyal and highly skilled workforce

Many of the fabulous people who first joined the company 20 years ago are still with us today, each playing vitally important roles across the Group. The team here enabled our business to really grow technology wise and customer care wise. Throughout the years, our people evolved too. Many of our colleagues have learned new skills and have developed into much higher technology and higher skilled positions in our business. We currently work with nearly 150 people in technology across Bulgaria. Our group has marked a tremendous growth worldwide and we have been incredibly lucky to continue working alongside such hardworking, dedicated and truly outstanding people.


So what is it like to work here?

From small beginnings, we’ve grown into a global company. On a daily basis, we are guided by our No Limits attitude and our one of a kind #OneTeam culture. We foster collaboration, we recognize and reward innovation and we encourage entrepreneurship. Most importantly, we haven’t forgotten where we’ve come from and the role our people play in our day to day success. We`re dedicated to ensure that every employee, regardless of their location or position, is valued and has the opportunity to make their voice heard.

Does the above align with your own perception of the dream workplace? Then we’d love to have you on our team! Check out our current vacancies at


About Clune Group

Headquartered in Ireland, Clune Group is the parent company of Ireland’s most successful and groundbreaking Fintech brands – including TransferMate Global Payments, Immedis, Taxback International and In an ultra-competitive Fintech sector, Clune Group`s companies are all at the very cutting edge of financial innovation exported to the world’s largest multinational clientele.


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