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“Set mini goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

Here at the Taxback Group, we truly believe that there are no limits to your career with us. We proudly encourage career development, progression and continuous improvement across all levels and roles.

Which is why we are particularly proud to bring you a series of special features, detailing the stories of some of our staff members who have developed their careers with us.

In the first of our features, we chat to Margaret Clancy, Head of Global Sales at TransferMate Global Payments.

1. Tell us something about yourself!

I always have to be on the go, I can’t sit still! My biggest passion is travelling. I believe that it broadens the mind and it is a real thrill for me to experience different cultures and share these experiences with family and friends. I even met my husband when I was travelling 9 years ago!

I have travelled extensively over the last 15 years. My goal was to travel to 30 countries by the time I hit 30 and I did! I’m well over 40 now though (countries!!). My favourite would have to be Cuba!

2. How did your story in The Taxback Group begin?

A graduate of Waterford Institute of Technology, specialising in Business and HR, I began my working career in Hays Recruitment Dublin. In 2009, I made a decision to travel through Australasia to gain life experience and broaden my mind.

I returned in 2010 when Ireland was on the brink of its worst ever recession. As a local of Kilkenny, I was thrilled when the position of Sales Executive became available and I was excited to join such a dynamic and innovative team. I joined a team of 3 Sales Executives in TransferMate and focused on selling TransferMate’s services to Irish corporate clients.

Due to rapid growth, I was quickly promoted to Team Leader. It is through the ongoing expansion of TransferMate that my role has now developed to that of Head of Global Sales, managing a team of over 75 staff.

3. Can you list all your positions within the company?

2010: Joined a team of 3 Sales Executives
2011: Promoted to Team Leader
2012: Promoted to Sales Manager with direct responsibility for an international team of 25
2015: Promoted to Head of Global Sales with the expansion of my team to 75 worldwide
2016/17: Now reporting to the Board and involved in the strategic growth decisions of the firm

4. What has changed since then?

The growth during my time with TransferMate has been phenomenal! From starting in a team of 3 in our Kilkenny office to managing a team of over 75 around the globe has been a highlight. I now oversee sales, marketing and admin teams in Ireland, UK, US, Australia, Bulgaria and the Philippines.

A particular area I am proud of is the growth in the number of internal teams. I saw the need to expand on our sales team so I introduced a Call Quality team, Retentions team and Marketing team. Many of these team members had worked in outbound sales so they were fully equipped with a thorough knowledge of TransferMate before taking up their new roles.

5. Which is your best memory in The Taxback Group?

There has been a number! Some that come to mind are winning the Eir Spider Award for Best in Financial Services; that was a terrific achievement and I was very proud to collect the award on the night.

Sinead Fitzmaurice rang me while I was abroad last year to give me the revenue results for August 2015. I was over the moon when she told me that we had exceeded our target and that it was TransferMate’s best month!

In 2014 I received acknowledgment of ‘Best Initiative’ and in 2015 received an award for ‘Going the Extra Mile’ at our Christmas party. Receiving this kind of recognition really meant a lot to me.

6. What kind of difficulties did you face?

Overcoming a high level of staff turnover was an area I wanted to focus on when I became Team Leader. With the full support of the directors I began implementing a number of initiatives to motivate my team. These include Sales Person of the Month, Highest Revenue Gain of the Week, Sales Caller of the Week, breakfast mornings and pizza days. Each winner would receive acknowledgment in the form of a voucher, extended lunch or early finish to their day.

Internal promotion is an area I feel that TransferMate has excelled in under my management. Promoting from within greatly encourages my team to excel in their roles, provides seamless transition to new duties, in addition to feeding into the overall team and company culture with TransferMate and The Taxback Group.

7. How did you develop yourself?

With a background in HR and recruitment, I found that motivation and setting goals are the keys to personal development and job satisfaction. I regularly set goals, both small and large to motivate me to be the best possible version of myself.

I regularly take courses both internally and externally. When I took over as Team Leader, I took a personal development course up in my spare time and I’ve just begun another course in recent weeks.

I find reading a great tool to improve myself and my knowledge. Recently in Texas I read ‘The leaders guide to managing people – How to use soft skills to hard results’. It was a fantastic read and gave some great ideas.

8. Give a piece of advice to your colleagues.

Plan every day. Come in with a clear focus, this will minimise distractions.

Recognise your strengths and utilize them the best way possible.

Set mini goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day! When you hit these goals, celebrate each win and congratulate yourself. This will keep you motivated and encourage you to keep setting goals.



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