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The Taxback Group supports Temple Street Pet Therapy!

We are delighted to support Temple Street’s Pet Therapy programme for another year!

For the past 4 years, The Taxback Group has funded this initiative in Temple Street Childrens Hospital, which brings a couple of comforting canines in to visit the children every Thursday morning.

This Thursday, we were luckily able see where out donation goes, as we visited Temple Street Hospital to see Pet Therapy in action!

Aside from the obvious benefits of general mood-lifting which comes from spending time with friendly puppies, these visits also aid the children’s physical therapy, pain management, and reduce their natural anxiety. From watching this take place, there is a very tangible sense of raw happiness and a very positive connection between the children and dogs.

Buster, the miniature schnauzer, had everyone’s attention from the second he appeared. Even though Buster was more cute and friendly than you could even imagine, it was brilliant to see the positive aura following him around, brightening up every ward we brought him in to.

As a dog lover myself, it was heartwarming to see the faces of the children light up thanks to these cuddly canines, and very humbling to see how something so simple in context can have such a huge effect.

Thank you so much to Temple Street Children’s hospital for allowing us be a part of this, it is something we are truly honoured to support. And of course, thanks to Peata for providing the dogs, who without, none of this would be possible!


This yearly initiative is the first of many CSR activities for The Taxback Group this year, and celebrates the launch of our €50,000 charity program for 2017. Now in its 10th year, The Taxback Group CSR programme provides art, music and sports activities for children all over the world. The Taxback Group has supported over 300 initiatives since inception of its CSR programme.



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