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Lifelong Learning with The Taxback Group!

At The Taxback Group learning never stops. That’s why we hire lifelong learners and always support them in developing their professional qualification.

Our Taxback Pro qualification program helps our employees to develop new skills and competencies and gain a globally recognised professional tax qualification in Ireland, US, UK and Australia. Since the inception of the Taxback Pro program in the company over 30 employees passed their certification courses and exams, became successful Taxback Pro Graduates, and most importantly – took another giant step in their career progress in the company.

Today three of our outstanding Taxback Pro Graduates share their thoughts about participating in the Taxback Pro Academy and the long journey to getting their qualification in international taxation.

First up, a video interview with Ivan Atanasov, Senior VAT Registration Specialist at Taxback International.


Next, we spoke to Ivelina Markova, Tax Specialist at

Ivelina Markova

Ivelina Markova

Tell us more about the Taxback Pro Program, and what drove you to participate.

The Taxback Pro Program encourages people to control their own career development. It is a great opportunity for people who are looking to improve their skills and tax knowledge. I was highly motivated to develop my career, to broaden my knowledge in tax, and to develop my experience. It was important for me to ensure that I’m able to provide a high level of customer service and guidance. That’s why I chose the Taxback Pro Program.

What were the key learnings or memorable moments you will take away from this program?

I found the completion of this program and the knowledge I learned invaluable to my role. The satisfaction is a result of hard work and assiduity. I believe that constantly learning and developing skills is the key to workplace success. The Taxback Pro Program exceeded my expectations and goals and helped me to develop my experience.

What`s your best advice for young people who`d like to advance in their career?

The participation in the Taxback Pro Program is a great personal advantage in the conditions of a competitive environment nowadays. It is a way of adding further specialism to your CV. I certainly recommend the program to those who have the motivation to advance in their career and who are looking for a new challenge.



Borislav Vasilev

Borislav Vasilev

And our final graduate giving his insights is Boris Vasilev, Global Tax and Payroll Manager at Immedis.

Tell us more about the Taxback Pro Program, and what drove you to participate

Taxback Pro Program is a great initiative which gives opportunity for those interested in improving their skills in the area they work. The knowledge acquired then gives you the grounds for career development. I have actually participated in two programs. The first time was in 2011 when after completing the program I ended up being Technician Member of the Irish Tax Institute. It enhanced my Irish tax knowledge skills and I was able to practice them within the Irish Self-Assessed team preparing and reviewing complex tax returns. A few years later I felt I was ready to make another step and sign in for a second time, taking the CTA (Chartered Tax Advisor) qualification within the Irish Tax Institute. That qualification  is considered the leading tax qualification you can acquire giving you deep understanding of legislation across all taxes. By completing it, skills such as analysis and judgement  to investigate and evaluate tax issues were gained. I became a professional who can manage tax processes and provide tax advice to individuals as well as corporate clients.

What were the key learnings or memorable moments you will take away from this program?

The Taxback Pro Program gave me the opportunity to graduate as a Chartered Tax Advisor. In my case it was a 3 year program and it wasn’t easy to complete it successfully. This program is for people who are determined to succeed and want to develop. It takes a lot from your free time and without full commitment it is impossible to complete it. When completed though you can feel the satisfaction that you have achieved something great and most importantly the program will open the doors for your career development.

What`s your best advice for young people who`d like to advance in their career?

Have high goals and don’t be afraid to chase them. It won’t be easy to achieve these goals but never lose your motivation. Working hard at the end of the day always pays off. The Taxback Pro Program is amazing opportunity for those of you interested in succeeding. Don’t miss that chance to try it!



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