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17 Years of The Taxback Group Bulgaria

In early 2001, a group of new employees in Varna, Bulgaria, started their career in an Irish-based Tax Return company, which after 17 years, has become one of the most established multinational companies on the labour market in the region.

The Taxback Group are extremely proud that 11 out of our first 15 employees are still with us, and still show the same passion and energy they did on day one.

As we celebrate 17 years since the opening of our first office in Varna, Bulgaria, we spoke to some of these incredible women, who shared with us their thoughts about their time so far.


Daniela Atanasova, Operations Manager at Sales-Promotions

“I’m thrilled to work with intelligent, positive and highly accountable people who take the quality of the services they provide really seriously. This helps us build great customer satisfaction and their high praise is a great motivation for all of us.”




Ralitsa Slavova, Senior Quality and Business Set-up Manager

“It all started in early 2001 with an empty office without computers, phones, but together we built the business from scratch. It felt like we were one big family – together at work and afterwards. Office working hours, breaks, day and night – they have all coalesced into one, but what`s more important – it never felt like just another stressful job, but much more like a creative co-working space.”



Milena Panayotova, Pay to Study Project Manager

“I have a great team of professionals that give me that special feeling that everything is possible.”





Zdravka Zlateva, Sprintax Senior Project Manager

“I am really happy to have the chance to show creativity in my day to day work and to see how our ideas can be converted into great functional systems and services.”





Vesselina Marinova, Head of VAT Operations at Taxback International

“The main thing which motivates me are the people I work with – positive, hard-working people with a can-do attitude and a passion for complex tax cases. I know I can always rely on them.

I like the diversity and the dynamics of the job and the fact that every day I learn new things.”


Darina Ivanova, Research Specialist at Taxback International: “The positive atmosphere in the team is something that you can`t fault here in The Taxback Group. I work in a team of amazing personalities – people I admire, people that help me learn a lot, and whom I can call my friends not only at work but also outside of the office.”


We also would like to give a special thanks to Ivan Dimitrov, Konstantin Tomov (Kosio) and Petar Draganov who officially started with the company a few years later but in fact were with us from day one too.

Please join me in congratulating all those who celebrate this work anniversary with us, and we hope you celebrate many more with us!


P.S Check out our additional video interview with Milena Panayotova, who spoke to us about her time here so far!

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