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#TaxbackGiveBack Supports Temple Street’s Pet Therapy Program

For the past 6 years and counting we have been proudly sponsoring the Pet Therapy Programme in Temple Street Children’s Hospital, Dublin. This programme helps to provide respite to patients during their stay in Temple Street whilst giving them something to look forward to during the week. We decided to take a trip up to Temple Street to get an insight into the work that these two wonder dogs do for the patients. Our Engagement and Communications Officer, Rachael O’Shea met the two amazing dogs, Buster and Schui and their owner Jeanette Gregg.


Jeanette was a part of a group, the Dublin Dog Training’s in Swords, County Dublin doing obedience training with Buster and Schui when she first got the idea to become a pet therapy dog owner. Jeanette met someone who had a dog in a yellow coat and asked them about it. It was here that Jeanette decided to get involved, she first started working in a nursing home and then later moved onto Temple Street Children’s Hospital. Buster and Schui help to take the children’s minds off the sometimes very difficult situations that they face. These two wonder dogs give both the families and patients something to enjoy and smile about when they arrive each Thursday with their owner Jeanette Gregg and Julie Collins who is a play specialist in Temple Street. It was truly inspiring to see the smiles and joy that these two dogs create and we are delighted to able to sponsor this programme for the past 6 years and hope to continue doing so in the future.

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