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Nikolay Rusev, “Fearlessly meet the new global conditions, think outside of the box, and trust your teams” is one of the few employers in Varna that are still recruiting talent, despite the COVID-19 crisis. At the moment, the company is hiring PHP developers for its software development team in Varna, who will ensure the development of online self-prep tax software for non-residents and J-1 visa holders in the US. Here’s what Nikolay Rusev, the General Manager of, shared about the company’s ongoing projects and the recruitment of PHP Developers in Varna.


Mr. Rusev, would you tell us more about the ongoing project for which you are recruiting developers at the moment? is currently working on several software products for the American market. These are actually global products, as they help the self-preparation of federal and state tax returns for non-residents from all over the world.  The most popular product from our Software series is called Sprintax, and it is ranked number one on the market. We are currently looking for PHP Developers who will assist the development of a complementary product of this group, called Sprintax TDS. This is used by both chartered accountants, and organizations dealing with tax returns for non-residents, and it’s of great interest to many popular organizations overseas.

You actively participate in the interviews for the positions. What qualities/traits are you looking for in candidates?

Firstly, I am always looking for team players. The team working on Sprintax TDS consists of more than 10 people, who are actively involved in the development of the product and the business logic behind it. Together, with the other micro teams working on this range of software products, the software development team of consists of over 30 IT specialists. Additionally, we are looking for people that don’t take their job and the company environment for granted, and are willing to learn, develop, and add value to the team and to our projects. At, we always use the best in class technologies. The training opportunities are so endless, that they usually surpass our learning capacity.  Last but not least, we are always delighted to welcome hardworking and motivated junior developers.

The current situation is a test for everyone – not only for the employers and the government, who must ensure the physical and economic survival of the people, but for all those who are uncertain about their future, and might have even lost their jobs. If there’s one single piece of advice you can give to the people, what would it be?

I truly believe that the key to overcoming each crisis is to transform the challenges into opportunities. We, as a team, as a company, and as individuals, are always looking for potential business opportunities in places where people usually only see a problem.

All of our employees have been working remotely since the start of the COVID-19 crisis and we have continued to develop our products. This wouldn’t be possible without the latest technologies and our motivated team members. The COVID-19 situation has allowed us to look at things like teamwork, productivity, and work environment, from a completely different perspective.

Back to your question – if there’s a single piece of advice I could give to our employees and managers, it would be: “Fearlessly meet the new global conditions, think outside of the box, and trust your teams.”





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