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A future of flexibility at Taxback Group!

While the last few months have undoubtedly presented a number of challenges, it’s fantastic to be able to look positively ahead to the future.

Taxback Group’s priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in over 90% of our workforce working from home. As we consider a safe return to an office environment, we want to provide flexible work possibilities to our teams whilst continuing to meet our group objectives of growth, innovation, delivering for our customers and being ‘One Team’.

What are we doing? 

Introducing a Flexible Working Policy post covid that will:

  • Provide employees with the opportunity to work remotely on an ongoing basis
  • Introduce part-time roles and the opportunity to job-share
  • Offer a more casual dress code once we return to the office
  • Allow staff to work more flexible hours by, for example, starting work earlier/later, finishing work earlier/later or having a longer lunch break

Work-life balance is hugely important to all of us at Taxback Group and we’re delighted to be introducing a number of positive measures that will ensure our people can successfully balance their work and family lives.

Check out our most recent #TaxbackTV, where Terry Clune, CEO and Founder of Taxback Group, talks about the challenges the company has successfully faced , while also looking ahead to the future and considering the positive elements that the pandemic has brought about.

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