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Taxback Group’s Internship Programme

Taxback Group’s Internship Programme has been running for a number of years now and with great success! It has enabled us to attract and retain some top entry-level talent in recent years.

The programme was also redesigned this past year to give it more structure and to make it easier for both the students and the company to get the best out of it. It now focuses on colleges within the counties surrounding our Head Quarters in Kilkenny and includes two intakes of students, in January and in March. It also gives Taxback Group the opportunity to keep the student until the end of August across Sales, Marketing, HR and IT verticals.

This has been a fantastic programme for Taxback Group, the colleges and the students and has already resulted in plenty of success stories. One such success story is Nicole Ryan, Global Payroll Associate with Immedis. Nicole initially joined Taxback Group as a student in Waterford Institute of Technology via the Internship Programme back in 2018 and has gone from strength to strength in the company since. She even won a well-deserved #OneTeam Award this quarter!

We caught up with Nicole to ask her a few questions about her time on the programme and how it’s helped her to get where she is today:

  • What did you find beneficial about the Taxback Group Internship Programme?

What I found beneficial about the Internship Programme is that it gives you a chance to work in a real office environment and gain valuable experience while also making connections that will help you after you graduate.

  • Did what you learned in the programme help you when you returned to college for your final year?

Yeah absolutely! Working under pressure to meet tight deadlines here at Taxback Group helped me to develop my time management skills and my ability to multi-task. This really enabled me to do well in college exams and assignments.

  • Are there things that you learned during the Internship Programme that still help you in your current role?

Definitely. The skills I gained on my internship still help me every day and I believe they are a huge part of the reason why I’m successful in my role as a Global Payroll Associate.

  • What advice would you have for anyone considering doing their college placement with Taxback Group?

My advice would be to work hard, make as many connections as possible as these will be so important once you graduate and of course enjoy it!

A cornerstone for the success of this programme is our relationship with the local colleges. Taxback Group work very closely with Waterford Institute of Technology, Carlow Institute of Technology and University College Cork to ensure that the right students are entering the company and getting experience of the highest value.

“We’ve found as a business, that being able to work collaboratively with the colleges in the region has provided us with great opportunities. WIT have been fantastic in providing us with highly skilled students, many of whom have returned to us on completion of their degree”. – Terry Clune, Founder and CEO of Taxback Group.

“The Taxback Group really understands the value of having Waterford IT students on placement. Having a strong relationship with Waterford gives them access to students who really fit within the organisation and they put in great effort to provide challenges to the students, building their skills and abilities. It’s a very successful relationship between Students, Taxback Group and Waterford IT.” – Joe Daly, Director of Placement and Lecturer at WIT.

Also with a University for the South East looking increasingly likely, we expect the Internship Programme to continue to be a valuable asset to all involved in the coming years.

Check out our video with last year’s interns here ⬇️

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