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Taxback Group supports the programme “Investing in Human Capital to Invest in the Future of Karin Dom”

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Taxback Group and Karin Dom in Bulgaria have launched a project called “Investing in Human Capital to Invest in the Future of Karin Dom” which aims to support the long-term vision of the center by increasing the focus and investment on the retention and the development of their specialists.


Why supporting your employees is important?

Human capital is one of the most important factors for the success of any organization, no matter its size or field of operation. Charitable organizations are no exception. Building a team where people feel trusted, supported and motivated is one of the top priorities when it comes to retaining professionals in the company.

Karin Dom works with around 300 children on annual basis. All this is done by a team of devoted and highly educated professionals. However, as rewarding as the work done by Karim Dom’s professionals is, it can be incredibly emotionally challenging. They naturally find it difficult to switch off from the stories and problems faced by their service users on a daily basis, and this can often lead to them suffering from burnout.

One of the coping mechanisms, widely used in the social sector, is the so called professional supervisions. Thanks to this program, Karin Dom’s professionals can get much needed support and have a safe and confidential place to express their thoughts and emotions. Professional supervision is a positive and enabling process that allows them to take control of their emotions and reflect on their work practice.

Taxback Group supported the first series of professional supervisions for the Karin Dom team, which were organized before the Covid-19 pandemic. Having witnessed the positive impact of these professional supervisions, we had no hesitations about continuing our support of this programme long-term.



Being a People-First company

One of the things that distinguishes Taxback Group from other companies in our industry is that we always put people first. Prioritizing employee wellbeing and development has been instrumental to our success in Bulgaria over the past 20 years, where we now employ over 1000 staff.

In 2021, we launched our global Employee Assistance Program, which ensures a first-line response to providing prevention, triage and short-term problem resolution services to our team members and their family members. It aims to support our employees through any personal or work-related issues they might have. With this, we want to ensure that our employees feel supported by the company no matter what they go through so that they are able to bring their best selves to work.

“True leadership is about not only developing such wellbeing practices in the workplace but also sharing and encouraging them in the communities in which we live and operate. Supporting Karin Dom’s program was a natural extension of our desire to support the sustainable development of human resources management. We hope that with this initiative we’ll bring our society and other employer’s attention to topics such as supporting and taking care of their employees.” – shared Ekaterina Hristova, HR Manager of Taxback Group in Bulgaria.


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